Awards & Testimonials


home_logo22017 Hudson Chamber of Commerce Award for Small Business

Ault Chiropractic of Hudson and Brimfield has won the Hudson Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the year for 2017! Ault Chiropractic is excited and grateful to receive the Small Business of the Year Award. We are blessed to have such amazing patients.



home_logo22009 Hudson Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence in Customer Service.

Ault Chiropractic of Hudson and Brimfield has won the Hudson Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Customer Service Award for 2009!!! Ault Chiropractic of Hudson and Brimfield was chosen over any other Hudson Area Business due to the overwhelming response the chamber received from our patients. We at Ault Chiropractic of Hudson and Brimfield are extremely proud and honored to receive this award.  We are truly blessed to be in such a great community and have such great patients. We are truly thankful.


Positive Environment

Positive environment, Loves her patients, Loves chiropractic. Couldn't think of a more awesome place to get adjusted and feel cared for. The value of quality mobility and a healthy working nervous system is priceless. Thank you Dr. Ault for keeping the community healthy!

Jamie M.

Trustworthy & Dedicated

I love these people. They are good and trustworthy. I trust them working on myself and my animals. They know what they are doing in trying to make you well again. Do not let someone who writes a bad review keep you from going to see them. They are dedicated to their work and to helping people be well.

Denise M.

Mystery Illness Solved & Treated

Dr Rebecca Ault is awesome, I had sciatica nerve pain so severe I can hardly walk sometimes, called in the office made an appointment they got me in rather quickly, she was very thorough on my x-rays explain them to me so that I could understand what was going on with me, was upfront with me on what I have to pay out-of-pocket, after two to three visits a week for about a month-and-a-half and some home exercises I was feeling great, I highly recommend Dr Rebecca Ault, she is a very sweet and kind woman,and I love her for taking my pain away, I've recommended two of my co-workers to her and they love her as well,keep up the good work Dr Rebecca Ault.

Kristen E.

Sciatica Nerve Pain Relieved

Dr Rebecca Ault is awesome, I had sciatica nerve pain so severe I can hardly walk sometimes, called in the office made an appointment they got me in rather quickly, she was very thorough on my x-rays explain them to me so that I could understand what was going on with me, was upfront with me on what I have to pay out-of-pocket, after two to three visits a week for about a month-and-a-half and some home exercises I was feeling great, I highly recommend Dr Rebecca Ault, she is a very sweet and kind woman,and I love her for taking my pain away, I've recommended two of my co-workers to her and they love her as well,keep up the good work Dr Rebecca Ault.

Tammie G.

Caring for Dogs

Dr.Rebecca Ault is an amazing person and Dr! She is an amazing animal chiropractor and has done amazing things for my dog!! I highly recommend Ault Chiropractic for animal care as well as people care! Thank You Dr. Ault!!

Tracy S.

Hard Fall on Concrete

Thanks to Ault Chiropractic and DR Robert Ault- I am feeling better today after taking a hard fall on concrete Saturday. SIMPLY THE BEST Chiropractic care I have found anywhere.

Susan W.

Specialized Treatment for Back Pain from Cheering & Dancing

I would recommend Ault Chiropractic to anyone. Many people say that chiropractors are "fishy" and not worth it, but I completely disagree. I had my first scheduled appointment in 2013 because I was suffering from pretty severe back pain while I was cheering and dancing. I had a great consultation with Dr. Rebecca. I had an x-ray done & had my first few adjustments, but they weren't giving my back much relief. She then sent me to get an MRI, which revealed I had two herniated disks between L3-L4 and L4-L5. Because she was a dancer herself, she created a treatment plan that fit my needs. Although I couldn't participate in dance for 6 months, it was totally worth it because I am now pain-free and am doing great! Both Dr. Rebecca and Dr. Robert have helped me through so many problems and issues, and I am so appreciative and thankful!

Kristen M.

Relief from Recurring Back Pain

I started coming to Ault Chiropractic after straining my back. At the time, I was in pretty bad pain and had difficulty walking, sitting, lying – didn’t matter, I couldn’t get comfortable in any position.
I’ve had this happen a few times before and I’d always end up at the hospital or my GP’s office, I’d get some pain pills and muscle relaxants & that would be it. I’d be in a daze for a few weeks until I could move again. But with this approach I’d still have nagging discomfort and it would be painful to sit for extended periods (such as travelling in a car), or walk uneven terrain at length (my wife and I enjoy hiking).
The care I’ve received at Ault chiropractic has been fantastic. Dr. Ault was very thorough in the initial exams, she spent the time to really listen to what I told her about the pain and discomfort, and was up front about what it would take to get my back ‘back’ in shape. Not only is she doing the adjustments to my spine, she’s showed me the exercises I can do to strengthen my core muscles and help keep my back in good shape.

A few months after starting my care with Dr. Ault my wife and I took a short trip to North Carolina to do some hiking in and around Pilot Mountain State Park. For the first time in years I took an extended trip in a car and was pain free during & after the drive. Walking the mountainous area was no problem either.
Thanks to Dr. Ault & the staff at Ault Chiropractic

Bill S.

Confidence in Ault Chiropractic

I Absolutely love Dr. Rebecca Ault. She is so very kind, compassionate, and most of all, knowledgeable about her chiropractic work. I've been in constant back pain for months and she has helped endlessly with relief of that unbearable pain. She's healing my body but she also heals my spirit with her loving kindness. She is caring and genuine. Her beautiful smile and sweet laugh are the BEST. She is someone I would love and trust to have as a forever friend. The staff at the Hudson and Brimfield offices are equally kind and friendly. They are always helpful and always seem to enjoy working at the offices. No one is ever snotty and/or grouchy. I am so thankful that Dr. Rebecca and her staff have come into my life. They are really the best I've been lead to for any chiropractic work (and I've been to several others in the past), I'm very confident in Dr. Rebecca Ault's work.

Avon M.

"Confident I'm in the right place"

Great doctors, awesome clinic! I would recommend Ault Chiropractic to anyone. Their hours are very accommodating and they're very knowledgeable. It's obvious that Dr. Rebecca takes the time to figure out exactly what her patient needs. I know not to expect immediate overnight results, that healing takes time but I'm confident I'm in the right place!

Whitney F.

Dr. Ault Improved Range of Motion and Less Frequent Headaches!

I came to Dr. Ault with neck and shoulder pain and frequent headaches. After about two months of visits my shoulder pain has greatly improved and the headaches are much less frequent. The neck problems are from a degenerative vertebra and although it cannot be completely repaired, my range of motion and my stiffness have improved from the exercises Dr. Ault told me to do. I am very happy with my progress and I am grateful to Dr. Ault for all of her help.

Laura E.

Feeling Stronger Through Chiropractic Care

I moved into the area this year. Before I walked into Ault Chiropractic, I was in a lot of discomfort and achy all over from not having regular care. Chiropractic care keeps me going through the pain that I have. The staff at Ault Chiropractic is wonderful. They are very friendly and helpful. What I like most about my care in the office is not only do I feel better, I feel important. Dr. Ault is very thorough from x-rays to treatment! I now have improved strength and I am able to move better with less discomfort. I realize that having an aligned spine, makes you feel good all over!

Evelyn R.

Relieved All of My Pain

Dr. Rebecca Ault and her staff are simply amazing!! They make you feel so important. Dr. Ault has relieved all of my pain. From my back even to my sinuses. She is the best Dr I have ever had!

Jennifer F.

Relief from Jaw Pain

When I first started at Ault Chiropractic I thought that the way I felt was now just the new normal and I was going to have to deal with it. I was also very nervous because I did not know much about chiropractic. Because of this I kept talking myself out of going. I figured I have dealt with it the past 8 years; I could surely handle it for a lot longer. Once my jaw got to the point of going numb every day and all the dentists I saw kept saying surgery, and continually used the phrase “jaw wired shut for months”. I knew then I had to try something else before resorting to that. I am not going to lie, the first adjustment was nerve racking, and I spent the rest of the day icing as much as I could. The next adjustment, though, was like I was a totally different person. I was in a whole lot less pain, and the knot in my jaw was smaller than I would have imagined it to be at that point. Four weeks in and as I told Dr. Ault, I felt like a completely different person. I never knew that the way I was feeling wasn’t the norm until I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I have way more energy, my mind seems so much clearer and I am doing things that I haven’t done since I was sixteen years old. I cannot thank Dr. Rebecca Ault and her staff enough for making me feel so comfortable, and helping me to realize that pain is not the norm and that chiropractic is meant to help not hurt.

Kristi Y.

Personal Trainer with Chronic Shoulder Pain

After living with chronic back pains and dealing with sporadic strains as a result of a highly active lifestyle and job, I felt that my body would never perform quite the way I wanted it to. I could have lived with those shortcomings until my back problems actually affected me being able to hold my son. As the proud father of a toddler, there is little else in this world that brings me a joy greater than bonding with him. I had been told countless good things about Dr. Robert and I decided to see him about my conditions. With careful consideration towards my multiple problems, Dr. Robert set out to fix everything that he could. What impressed me the most is when I presented him with some issues he doesn't typically deal with. Rather than pass the buck to another health professional, Dr. Robert spent the time studying on how to fix the problem himself.  I am fortunate that I have a job which allows me to do the majority of the therapeutic work myself. Dr. Robert gave me the tools I needed to help nurse my body back to the shape it was meant to be in. Most importantly, he helped me restore my mobility to the point where I could carry my son in a way which was most comfortable for me. Although the healing process is rarely a quick one, Dr. Robert gave me a reasonable and realistic timeline for when to expect to be "back-to-normal". He has been instrumental in guiding me in ways that help me continue to prosper at work so that my quality of life never faltered.  Today, I'm in excellent shape. A place I had almost given up hope of being. Most importantly, he has given me the two most prized gifts I could have: the happiness of holding my baby boy and the strength to perform at work the way I need to. For that, I am immensely grateful.

Thank you,

Jason L.

Better Health Through Ault Chiropractic

Let me tell you how Dr. Rebecca Ault changed my life. When I threw out my back, my regular doctor just shook his head and offered to give me a list of surgeons – it was bad. I was on crutches and could not stand or walk unassisted for more than a minute or two. With shooting pain down my leg, I could not sleep at night; I could not lie down in a bed or even lie back in a recliner. I could only sit on the edge of a chair for hours at a time.
That’s when a friend recommended that I get an appointment with Dr. Ault. At the first meeting with Dr. Ault, I was very impressed with her knowledge and her caring attitude. She was very thorough, taking x-rays and using other evaluation techniques. She patiently explained to me her plan for getting me better. Her positive demeanor helped me gain confidence that I actually could get better!

Now two months later, I am feeling great!!! I am back to coaching, fishing, light gardening, getting groceries, sleeping like a baby and basically getting my life back. All of this with no surgery and only occasionally using Tylenol.

Not only am I feeling great, Dr. Ault has also been a valuable resource for overall health. Her knowledge of correct eating habits has helped me lose over 20 pounds, even though I eat all the time. My blood pressure is down and the only negative is that I need a new belt!
In short, Dr. Ault is a tremendous chiropractor. I have recommended her to all of my friends and relatives with back issues and other physical problems that need Dr. Ault’s expertise.

Craig R.

80+ Year Old Woman with Sciatica

When I first cam into Dr. Ault's office I was having terrible lower back pain that radiated down both of my legs.  I had been suffering with that condition for 1 month before I started to get treated at Ault Chiropractic of Hudson.  I had not seen any other physician before coming to see Dr. Ault.  I was treated extremely well by the staff and I really enjoyed that the doctors actually listened carefully to me about my concerns.  They were able to diagnose my condition with their expertise and their "top-of-the-line" equipment.  The results I have received at Ault Chiropractic have been great!  I am moving freely and without pain.  I would highly recommend Drs. Rebecca and Robert Ault for their expertise in analyzing and treating pain with positive results.  Chiropractic aligns spinal segments and discs, which corrects and prevents nervous system interference and relieves pain.

Ruth J.

Baby Boomer with Cervical Disc Herniation with Radiating Arm Pain

I had alot of pain in my neck and my left shoulder when I first came to Ault Chiropractic of Hudson.  I had been suffering from this condition for approximately two years.  Before coming to see Dr. Ault, I had been to my family doctor and also a neurosurgeon to fix my problem.  I was treated very well by the staff at Ault Chiropractic.  What I liked most about my care at Ault Chiropractic was that Dr. Ault was very thorough and everything was explained to me, each step of the way.  I have had really good results at this office.  The pain I had been experiencing is gone and it makes my everyday life much better.  I have recommended the doctors of Ault Chiropractic to others.  When I am asked about chiropractic and how it helps people, I tell them just simply... it works!

Mary D.

Chronic Sufferer of Fibromyalgia, TMJ Dysfunction, and Multiple Sclerosis

When I first came into Ault Chiropractic I had been diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, TMJ, HYPERTENSION, TYPE II DIABETES, and severe incontinence.  I had suffered with these conditions for over 25 years!  I had gone to 8 different medical doctors, 3 Spine and Pain Clinics, and 3 neurogical specialists.  None of these physicians had been able to help me.  I also tried monthy trigger point injections, Tylenol with codeine, Vicodin, Darvocet, Durelgesic Patches, Lidoderm Patches, and spinal cord injections 3 times per year.  Needless to say, I had tried a lot of things to get me healthy, but nothing had worked.  The staff at Ault Chiropractic is A++++.  They are so friendly and welcoming.  Way above the perfect "10."  What I like most about Ault Chiropractic is the doctors sincere desire to help!  They make you feel very welcome.  You walk in to smile, fragrant candles, and extreme cleanliness.  Dr. Ault listened and is sincerely happy to see you arrive at each appointment.  So what have been my results... I am a new person!  And regarding my TMJ... I can eat and smile without any pain and clicking!  When I first came in for my initial exam, I couldn't move my head or neck much - only with extreme pain.  Now, I can look left and right to extremes without any pain at all.  I have even been able to give up the assistance of my cane and I haven't fallen even once since Dr. Ault "lined" me up!  I thank them for their sincerity and teaching me how to stay well!  I also thank my sister for "caring enough" to get me here.  Without hesitation, I would definitely recommend Ault Chiropractic to anyone.  It will be the best decision you will ever mak for your body and overall health!  Run, don't walk to see Dr. Robert and Dr. Rebecca!  Chiropractic is an overall good health practice - not just putting a band-aid on something just to "get through" the day.  No more pain medications for me!

God bless,

Pearl D.

Registered Nurse with Chronic Shoulder and Neck Pain

It hadn't been there long – maybe 3 months, that drilling pain lodged next to my right shoulder blade.  I thought I could make it go away.  If only I twisted just right, or maybe if I exercised and moved my back and shoulders just right I could make it stop.  But it wasn't working.  I woke with it in the night.  It was there when I got up in the morning, and it followed me through the day.  The other pain, the discomfort in my lower back and hips, I'd ignored for so long that it didn't register.  It was just something that I lived with.  Then I found myself in Dr. Ault's office, invited to a PATIENT ORIENTATION CLASS by my son, one of Dr. Robert Ault's new patients.  As I listened to Dr. Robert and Dr. Rebecca explain what they did, and why it worked, that drilling pain prompted me to make an appointment.  Now trust me, I've sat in any number of doctor's offices through the years, not because of any complaints of my own, but have waited and waited and waited as my mom and others in my family have seen physicians.  I would never describe it as FUN.  But that Monday night, I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange between these two charming and knowledgeable Doctors.  Their professionalism, thoroughness, compassion, and just the way they made everything so practical and understandable, made a deep impression on me.  My husband, son, and I have all been treated like family in this office.  Kelly and the two Drs. Ault greet us with huge smiles and loving concern each time we visit.  We've received outstanding care!  From the first treatment on, the results have been amazing.  The pain is gone.  The things that I used to do, I still do, now without any discomfort.  If I wake up in the night, it is not because I am in pain.  When I work, sit at the computer, or play with the grandkids, I am not pursued by drilling pain.  I feel taller, younger, and happier with my life.  I could not recommend Ault Chiropractic highly enough to anyone and everyone who is currently suffering, or has been ignoring their body's cry for help.  Although I am an RN, I was surprised to be reminded of how many of my body's systems are directly related to how well my spinal column and nerves that pass through it are affected.  Drs. Ault treat the patient, not their symptoms.  Drs. Ault are the VERY BEST in every respect.  I have told Drs. Ault, "you are not only very good at what you do, you are very good human beings.  Don't change!"

Sally S.

Painter with Sciatica

When I first came into Ault Chiropractic I had been experiencing severe sciatic pain that ran down my left leg.  I was also having trouble with neck pain and stiffness.  I had been suffering with this condition for 3 - 4 years. Previous to coming to Ault Chiropractic, I had seen my family doctor, other chiropractic offices and back pain specialists, and I also tried spinal decompression treatments.  The staff at Ault Chiropractic of Hudson treated me excellent.  What I liked most about care at Ault Chiropractic was the IT WORKED!  This office takes a slightly different approach, they actually only adjust the affected areas that need adjusted, NOT everything in your body. As a result of coming to Ault Chiropractic of Hudson, I have NO MORE PAIN running down my leg.  Don't waste your time or your back health anywhere else.  The doctors are very caring and down to earth.  They listen to everything that you tell them.

Mark D.

Middle School Hockey Player with Whiplash and Concussion

When I first came into Ault Chiropractic I had experienced a hockey injury and was in a large amount of neck pain and also had a great loss of mobility.  I had been suffering for about three weeks and it was progressively getting worse.  I had not seen any other doctors before seeing Dr. Ault, but I had been trying some heat.  When I came into Ault Chiropractic of Hudson I was treated like a person with a condition, NOT like a condition with a person.  I especially liked the level of kindness displayed at Ault Chiropractic.  As far as my results go, my neck has no more pain and I have 100% mobility.  If you are thinking about going to see a chiropractic physician, do not go anywhere else!  Chiropractic goes way beyond just bones.  It can affect your brain function as well.

Kurt P.

New Year, Pain-Free

So thankful to be starting off the new year pain-free! If you have been disappointed by chiropractic treatment in the past or are just skeptical of chiropractic work, then Ault Chiropractic is for you! After 6+ months of living in constant daily pain, I finally took that initial step into Dr. Ault's office, and only wish I had done it sooner! Start your new year off right, take a step for yourself, and give Dr.'s Ault a chance to help you live pain-free and with renewed energy. You won't be disappointed!

Jennifer C.