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Looking for a chiropractor in Hudson or Brimfield Ohio? The Hudson branch is located off Route 303 in the Hudson Plaza, between Perkins and Keller Vision Center. Our Brimfield office is located off of Tallmadge road beside Marshall’s. The leading health professionals at Ault Chiropractic of Hudson and Brimfield are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives — combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. Drs. Robert and Rebecca Ault are committed to conservative and corrective care of neuro-musculoskeletal health conditions.


Our goal is to “correct the cause” of your problem and not just manage your symptoms.

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  • My daughter, Molly, was born with fluid behind her left ear drum. She is 4 1/2 years old and has had three sets of tubes and her adenoids removed. While the tubes were in place, the fluid was gone - but the tubes always came out. After the third set came out, and the fluid came back, my husband and I spoke to our pediatrician and told her that we wanted to take a different approach. That is when she suggested Dr. Rebecca Ault. On our first visit, I was so impressed by how much time Dr. Ault spent listening to our story, talking to Molly and explaining what she was going going to do. She was very upfront and honest about how long it was going to take and that hopefully the fluid would be gone, but could not promise. Molly saw Dr. Ault twice a week for six weeks. Molly loves Dr. Ault!!! They made special names for her adjustments and she always told Molly what she was doing and the entire staff made her feel incredibly welcomed. Dr. Ault made such a positive impression that Molly 'plays' Dr. Ault and Ault Chiropractic at home. The best news is that for the first time in Molly's life, she has been fluid free, without tubes, for over two months. We are so grateful to the entire staff of Ault Chiropractic.

  • Our son was 6 weeks old when we realized he wasn't "just a fussy baby". That's when our pediatrician told us he had reflux and prescribed medication. We knew that we didn't want him medicated, however he was in such pain that we felt we didn't have a choice. We saw improvements right away but continued to feel uneasy about him being medicated. That's when we started seeing Dr. Ault. Within a few weeks of him being seen, he was a completely different baby-happy, comfortable and sleeping through the night. Now at 4 months old, he has been off of his medication for a month and continues to be a happy guy! We cannot thank Dr. Ault enough for her care. She has allowed our baby to be happy and comfortable, while providing us with guidance in understanding chiropractic care and helpful information regarding our son's overall health. We strongly believe that our son's quality of life has improved because of Dr. Ault's care and for that we will be forever grateful.

  • When I first came into Dr. Ault’s office I was having terrible lower back pain that radiated down both of my legs. I had been suffering with that condition for 1 month before I started to get treated at Ault Chiropractic of Hudson. I had not seen any other physician before coming to see Dr. Ault. I was treated extremely well by the staff and I really enjoyed that the doctors actually listened carefully to me about my concerns. They were able to diagnose my condition with their expertise and their “top-of-the-line” equipment. The results I have received at Ault Chiropractic have been great! I am moving freely and without pain. I would highly recommend Drs. Rebecca and Robert Ault for their expertise in analyzing and treating pain with positive results. Chiropractic aligns spinal segments and discs, which corrects and prevents nervous system interference and relieves pain.

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