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Specializing in Small Animals (Dogs and Cats).
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Now accepting dogs, cats and other small animals!

Dr. Rebecca Ault is an IVCA certified Animal Chiropractor

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Animal Chiropractic Testimonials


"I love these people. They are good and trustworthy. I trust them working on myself and my animals. They know what they are doing in trying to make you well again. They are dedicated to their work and to helping people be well."

Denise M.


"Dr.Rebecca Ault is an amazing person and Dr! She is an amazing animal chiropractor and has done amazing things for my dog!! I highly recommend Ault Chiropractic for animal care as well as people care! Thank You Dr. Ault!!"

—Tracy S.


"My agility dog Maggie has had issues her whole life with her hip and back. Rebecca Ault fixed her up so she could go back and do what she loves. I'm so glad I found such a great dog chiropractor!"

—Jenny L.


"Took 2 of my dogs in, staff was wonderful with them and also my 2 young children. Very calm, relaxing, and comfortable for human and animal. Took Time to get to know dogs verbally and physically and made sure they were comfortable with work being done. Thank You!"

—Michelle V.


"I've been taking my dog here for almost two months now. He gets so excited to go and loves getting adjusted 🙂 the staff is friendly and Dr. Rebecca seems to really know what she's doing when adjusting him"

—Ashley R.