With Great Summers Come Post Summer Aches

Summers in Northeast Ohio are full of fun adventures. Hiking, biking, kayaking, and outdoor activities are great for bonding with family and friends, while staying in shape, but they take a toll on your body and can leave your muscles tired and weak.

These physical activities often performed in the summer-time can lead to improper biomechanics of spinal joints, muscles, and connective tissue. The following are a few lesser known summer activities that can cause damage to your body.

Summer Traveling

Summer travel can also lead to spinal dysfunction and therefore pain in the back and/or neck. Hours spent in a cramped plane or car can cause your body to be in uncomfortable and damaging positions. Traveling can also mean you will be sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, which often causes your body to ache.

Outdoor Sporting Events

When your child is involved in sports, summertime can become hectic when running around from game to game. While it’s exciting to watch them play, cheering them on in the bleachers can cause spinal dysfunction and pain in your lower back and neck. Stadium seating is typically not supportive or comfortable to sit on for an extended period. Over the course of the summer, these bleachers will leave your body suffering.

Gardening and Yardwork

Gardening and yard work can lead to overreaching, improper twisting and bending, and poor posture. These can harm your body, stress your muscles, and may cause spinal injuries. Using shovels and heavy tools for yard work physically exerts your body and can cause long-term effects.

It is important to remember that pain is not the only indicator that something is structurally wrong. Getting in tune with your body is extremely important. It is best to regularly get checked out to make sure that your body is in optimal condition for summer activities. 

Before you resort to taking pills for temporary relief, try visiting your local chiropractor. Our team can diagnose what is dysfunctional in your body and find the best, natural and drug-free solution to relieve your pain. Your joints will function more optimally and you will be able to engage in more of the activities you love. Just request an appointment and you’ll be ready for your next adventure! 

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